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Wethot American Summer

Wethot American Summer

Uma divertida comedia
“We’ve had a good summer training for the final game against the anonymously evil players from our rival camp, Oh, we had some wacky practices, and sometimes it seemed like we’d never have a chance, but now let’s get out there and fall way behind, but show our spunk and determination by coming slowly back, then winning the game with a trick play that we made up ourselves. Who’s with me?”
“You see, Coop, I do think you’re a much nicer person than Eddie. Eddie is an asshole, but he’s cut like a statue, and hung like a horse. So I don’t even care that he’s completely insincere, and cheats on me constantly. I’d be interested in you if I were looking to get married or have a relationship, or something, but I’m 16 and all I’m into now is sex. Sex with Eddie, not you.”

It is a parody/homage/remembrance of the “camp” movies of the 70’s and 80’s, and it manages to get all the familiar clichés and characters on the screen. Sometimes it’s funny and right on the mark. At other times the funny concepts are ruined by going on too long or being woefully overperformed, as if Larry Storch were acting out the part of all three stooges.

On the last day of camp, the kids are putting on the final talent show, but Skylab is falling out of the sky, toward the rec center. The science geeks end up saving the camp by deflecting the falling satellite with a homemade device made from radio receivers and peanut butter jars and other camp flotsam. The details aren’t important.

This is a difficult movie to analyze because at times it tries very hard to be bad, in order to create the same feel as the bad movies it parodies. Therefore, if it succeeds, it sucks, and your viewing reward is to earn a smile of recognition of its suckworthiness. This leads to confusion, because the worse it is, the better it is. The following is quoted from salon…

Wethot American Summer

Género: Comédia
Audio: Inglês
Ano: 2001
Duration 95:18.708
Dimensions 576×304
Bitrate 1026kbps
Framerate 24fps

“Hilarious.” – Michael Agger, The New Yorker

Camp Firewood, 1981. It’s the last day of camp and everyone is busy. Camp director Beth (Janeane Garofalo) is trying to keep order while falling in love with astrophysicist Henry (David Hyde Pierce). Henry is trying to save the camp from being hit by a piece of SKYLAB hurtling toward Earth. Camp counselor Coop is in love with Katie, who is in love with lifeguard Andy. If that’s not enough, there’s a waterfall rescue, talking vegetable cans, the misfits, the cool kids… and more!
It’s a star-filled, laugh-a-minute, crazy comedy. Summer camp was never this much fun!

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