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Issues 101 (2002)

 ISSUES 101 – When he comes out and goes off to college at a mythical Southern California beach college, Joe innocently mistakes an invitation to rush a fraternity as being asked out on a date by a hot fraternity guy. Joe instantly becomes the object of desire between two brothers, one gay, the other “straight with issues.” However, when running for Student Body President, Joe soon discovers that not everyone wants their private lives put on public display. ISSUES 101 was selected to be the CLOSING NIGHT FILM at the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and Spokane Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Audio: Inglês

Issues 101

Michael Rozman, Dennis W. Rittenhouse Jr., Jeff Sublett, Jason Boegh, Yolanda Johnston, Jeremy Smith, Gary Castro Churchwell, Trevor Murphy, Cameo by Kelly Clarkson as “Crystal”, Larissa Kern, Chris Benson, Brian Swinehart, Dan Callaway, Michael Haboush, Brad Murphy, Todd Pressler, Chad Dossett, Justin Crumley, Jaylen Moore, Christopher Colbea, Arthur Huber, Will Coucheron-Aamot, Braun Keith, Steven Janji, Jimmy Scherrer, Daria Balling, Janet Harvick, Constance Chang, Tawna Hutchinson, Annie Connole, Keith Patterson, Phillip S. Naylor, David Kindred, Darren Laborie, Michael Orlandella, Adrian Jordan, Jayson Mendosa, Heather Godfrey, Johnny Thi, Kathleen Hickey, Stefan Gheaus, Tamar Henderson, Travis R. Gjedde, Tony Blass, Emma Foley.

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Issues.101.(2003).DVDRip.DivX-APOLLODORO.avi (700.46 MB)


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