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Queear As Folk

Foto Queear As Folk (2000)
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Queer As Folk mostra-nos as histórias dos relacionamentos familiares, carreiras, amores e sonhos de um grupo de amigos fomado por cinco rapazes gays e duas raparigas lésbicas. Baseada na série inglesa homônima, Queer as Folk provoca a discussão de temas pouco veiculados na tv como o homossexualismo, assédio sexual no trabalho, adoção de filhos por gays e lésbicas, uso de drogas, sexo e promiscuidade e relações familiares sob o ponto de vista de seus personagens homossexuais…

Audio: Francês
Nota: Existe uma opção legendada em pt_BR no site

Foto Status: Ended
Premiered December 1, 2000
Show Category: Drama , Soap
Queer as Folk is an innovative, provocative, and groundbreaking series now going into its fifth season, that chronicles the friendships, careers, loves, trials, tribulations, and ambitions of a diverse group of gay men and lesbians living in Pittsburgh, PA. Blending strong drama with necessary charm and humor, it rivals any other show presented on television.Queer as Folk in its fourth season dealt with everything from Brian reconstructing his life after the devastation of the Stockwell case and his battle with testicular cancer, to Justin’s dangerous encounter with the wild side and the maturation and strengthening of his and Brian’s relationship. Lindsay began experimenting with new facets of her sexuality, and we saw Ted come to terms with himself, as he made amends with the past and began to rebuild a new life. We saw everything from Micheal and Ben’s relationship hitting new heights to Emmett’s flourishing individuality and Debbie’s struggles with her brother’s death and her finding new sources of happiness in her life. The season ended with the birth of Melanie and Lindsay’s second child, Ben and Micheal’s marriage, Debbie’s engagement to Carl Horvath, and Justin being offered a job in Hollywood to work on the film version of he and Michael’s comic book, Rage.

Season 1
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E01.Episode.1.FR.KGF.avi (265.69 MB) :: Check Sources
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E02.Episode.2.FR.KGF.avi (306.24 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E03.Episode.3.FR.KGF.avi (309.50 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E04.Episode.4.FR.KGF.avi (280.91 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E05.Episode.5.FR.KGF.avi (361.64 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E06.Episode.6.FR.KGF.avi (328.84 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E07.Episode.7.FR.KGF.avi (252.35 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E08.Episode.8.FR.KGF.avi (285.54 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E09.Episode.9.FR.KGF.avi (311.57 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E10.Episode.10.FR.KGF.avi (298.53 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E11.Episode.11.FR.KGF.avi (337.05 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E12.Episode.12.FR.KGF.avi (340.77 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E13.Episode.13.FR.KGF.avi (266.67 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E14.Episode.14.FR.KGF.avi (431.04 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E15.Episode.15.FR.Heman.avi (349.03 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E16.Episode.16.FR.Heman.avi (350.61 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E17.Episode.17.FR.KGF.avi (310.68 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E18.Episode.18.FR.KGF.avi (400.69 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E19.Episode.19.FR.KGF.avi (337.61 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E20.Episode.20.FR.KGF.avi (392.13 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E21.Episode.21.FR.KGF.avi (350.70 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S01E22.Episode.22.FR.KGF.avi (363.33 MB)

 Season 2
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E01.Episode.1.FR.Heman.avi (350.54 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E02.Episode.2.FR.Heman.avi (350.05 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E03.Episode.3.FR.Heman.avi (349.54 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E04.Episode.4.FR.Heman.avi (350.83 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E05.Episode.5.FR.Heman.avi (350.73 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E06.Episode.6.FR.Heman.avi (349.99 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E07.Episode.7.FR.Heman.avi (350.38 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E08.Episode.8.FR.Heman.avi (350.62 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E09.Episode.9.FR.Heman.avi (351.71 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E10.Episode.10.FR.Heman.avi (349.82 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E11.Episode.11.FR.Heman.avi (350.30 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E12.Episode.12.FR.Heman.avi (349.71 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E13.Episode.13.FR.Heman.avi (348.95 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E14.Episode.14.FR.Heman.avi (349.59 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E15.Episode.15.FR.Heman.avi (350.20 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E16.Episode.16.FR.Heman.avi (350.12 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E17.Episode.17.FR.Heman.avi (350.17 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E18.Episode.18.FR.Heman.avi (350.31 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E19.Episode.19.FR.Heman.avi (350.03 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S02E20.Episode.20.FR.Heman.avi (350.20 MB)

 Season 3
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E01.Episode.1.FR.DVDRip.Heman.avi (347.96 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E02.Episode.2.FR.DVDRip.REPACK.Heman.avi (347.34 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E03.Episode.3.FR.DVDRip.REPACK.Heman.avi (348.26 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E04.Episode.4.FR.DVDRip.REPACK.Heman.avi (347.52 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E05.Episode.5.FR.DVDRip.REPACK.Heman.avi (348.56 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E06.Episode.6.FR.DVDRip.REPACK.Heman.avi (347.88 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E07.Episode.7.FR.DVDRip.Heman.avi (347.89 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E08.Episode.8.FR.DVDRip.Heman.avi (347.83 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E09.Episode.9.FR.DVDRip.Heman.avi (348.11 MB) 
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E10.Episode.10.FR.DVDRip.Heman.avi (347.46 MB)
Queer.As.Folk.(US).S03E11.Episode.11.FR.DVDRip.REPACK.Heman.avi (347.85 MB) 


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