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Foto Eighteen 2004
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In this poignant, soul-searching drama, Pip Anders has just turned eighteen and finds himself estranged from his family and living homeless on the streets. As he attempts to sort out his young life with the help of a local priest (Alan Cumming), he listens to a tape left to him by his deceased grandfather Jason (voiced by Ian McKellen), telling of his own experiences at age eighteen trapped behind enemy lines in battle. Although decades apart, the two young men must face their difficult parallel lives, each on an uncertain journey of redemption and self-discovery…

Audio: inglês


Actores: : Brendan Fletcher, Carly Pope, Mark Hildreth, Thea Gill, Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming
Audio: English
Duração:  105 (min)
Género: Drama

Emule : ED2K


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