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Por falta de tempo não nos foi possível acrescentar quaisquers referencias ou fotos aos filmes listados abaixo. Clica nos links para iniciar o dowload no emule

2 Seconds
A family affair
A girl thing:
Parte 1 Parte 2 Parte 3
A mi madre le gustan las mujeres
A Partilha
A village affair
An intimate friendship
An unexpected love con subtitulos en español
Abby Winters Intimate moments
Abby Winters Girls in love
Affäre zu Dritt
After Stonewall
Ai Nu intimates confessions of a chinese courtesan
Aimée & Jaguar
All over me
Alles wird gut
Alskände par
Amor enfermizo/Love sick/Legaturi Bolnavicioase
Amor y otras catástrofes
Amour de femme
Amoureuse de Greta Garbo
Anne Trister
Another way/Egymásra nézve
April´s shower
Aprimi il cuore
Ataque verbal Episodio entre Lucrecia y Marta
Bar Girls
Baño de Damas
Be with me
Before Stonewall
Better than chocolate
Between two women
Beyond the valley of dolls
Big dreams in Little Hope
Blow dry
Blue gate crossing
Bobbie´s girl
Bound and gagged: a love story
Bound/Sin límites/Lazos ardientes
But I´m a cheerleader
Butterfly kiss
Butterfly/Hu die
Parte 1 Parte 2
By Hook or by Crook
Celestial clockwork
Chained girls
Chinese Chocolate
Choses secretes
Chutney popcorn
Ci qing/Spider lilies
Claire of the moon
Clara´s summer/Clara cet eté là
Coming out party
Costa Brava
Coup de foudre/Entre nous
CynaraDamned if you don´t
Daughters of darkness/Le Rouge aux Lèvres
Daughters of the sun/ Dakhtaran E%2DKhorshid
Des parents pas comme les autres
Desert Hearts/ Media hora más contigo
Desi´s looking for a new girl
Die Konkurrentin
Die Leibwächterin
Die Reise nach Kafiristan
Die Riterinnen
Different strokes
Dimenticare Venezia
Disi Duboko
Do I love you?
Don´t worry it will probably pass
Een Vrouw als Eva/Una mujer como Eva
El Ansia/The Hunger
El favor
El grito en el cielo
Emporte moi/Set me free
Everything relative
Expediente Cammermeyer
ExtramurosFamily pack
Female perversions
Fine dead girls
Fino a farti male
Fish and elephant/Jin nian xia tian
Floored by love
Forbidden love: the unashamed stories of lesbian lives
Fremde Haut/Unveiled
Fucking AmalGazon Maudit
Girl Play
Parte 1 Parte 2
Girls will be girls
Goodbye Emma Jo
Go Fish
Goldfish Memory
Gray Matters
GypoHappy Birthday
Happy endings
Parte 1 Parte 2
Hide and seek
High Art/Sin nada que perder
I wish you would
If these walls could talk II
Il giocco più bello del mondo
Il padre delle spose
In her line of fire
Imagine me & you
Immacolatta e Concetta
Interno Berlinese
Intimates/Ji sor
Is Slottet
It´s in the waterJe, tu, il et elle
Johnny Greyeyes
Julie Johnson
Just the two of usKaleldo
Kate´s addiction
Kommt Mausi rausLa banquiere
La Bestia nel cuore
La cautiva
La Pirate
La religieuse
La turbulencia de los fluidos
La vespa e la regina
Las amargas lágrimas de Petra von Kant
Parte 1 Parte 2
Las horas
Late bloomers
Laughing matters
Laurel Canyon
Lavender Limelight: Lesbians in films
Les Anges exterminateurs
Les biches
Les filles du botaniste
Les filles ne savent pas nager
Lesbianas de Buenos Aires
Lesbiennes et cinema
Let´s love Hong Kong
Lieb mich!
Lost and delirious/El último suspiro
Love me if you can
Love & Suicide
Love Juice
Love and human remains
Love my life
Loves lone flowers/ Gu Lian Hua
Loving Annabelle
Mädchen in uniform 1931
Mädchen in uniform Remake del año 1957
Maggie and Annie
Mango Kiss
Marion Bridge
Me siento extraña
Memento Mori/Whispering corridors
Murmur of youth
My summer of love
My wife´s loverNachbarinnen
Never met Picasso
New Best Friend
Nina´s heavenly delights
November moon/ Novermbermond
Oranges are not the only fruit
Oublier Cheyenne
Out of season
Out of the pastParagraph 175
Paris was a woman
Personal Best
Prey for rock and roll
Producing Adults
Pourquoi pas moiQuasi niente
Que Faisaient Les Femmes Pendant Que Les homme Marchait Sur La Lune?

Red Doors
Reform school girls
Revoir Julie
Robin´s Hood
Rhona Cameron´s favorite lesbian moments on British TV
Rosa y Cornelia
Round Trip
Ruthie and Connie Every room in their house%41Sadie Benning Obras de Sadie Benning Vol 1 y 2
Obras de Sadie Benning Vol 3
Samaritan girl
Saving face
Sarah Waters: Sex and the victorian city
Schöne Frauen
Serving in silence: The Margarette Cammermeyer story
Set it off.
She likes girls
Parte 1 Parte 2 Parte 3
Shelter island
Show me
Sister my sister
Slaves to the underground
Some prefer cake
Stranger inside
Sugar High Glitter city
Sugar Sweet
Supervoksen Tan de repente
That tender touch
The Agressives
The black glove
The celluloid closet
The children´s hour
The elegant spanking
The Girl
The incredibly true story of two girls in love
The investigator
The journey/Sancharram
The killing of sister George
The midwife´s tale
The monkey´s mask
The sticky fingers of time
The truth about Jane
The watermelon woman
Therese and Isabelle
Thin ice
Tick Tock
Totally fucked up
Treading water
Tous les papas ne font pas pipi debout
Twice a woman
Two Girls
Two mothers for Zachary Vampire lovers
Varuh Meje/Guardianes de la frontera
Vida de familiaWabe babes
What´s cooking?
When night is falling
What makes a family
When love comes
Wife, Husband and Taekwon girl
Wizard of darkness
Women´s private parts


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